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Apple, the American Copyright Troll loss in lawsuit against Corellium

When someone endangers the power and arrogance of the “Troll King” , Apple do nothing but attack!

Apple sued security firm Corellium last year, accusing it of violating copyright law because it gave researchers access to “virtual” iPhones that could help them find errors in iOS products. Now, a Florida federal judge has dropped Apple’s copyright lawsuit, giving Corellium a major victory in its legal battle against the tech giant. Apple has also accused Corellium of violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for circumventing security measures for the creation of its iPhone emulator. This complaint has not yet been resolved by the court.

I hate these copyright trolls, they contribute the biggest setback in technological evolution, If it were up to them, they could sell us dead technology even today … no evolution, they just want to “milk the cow”!

P.S. I am glad that the Chinese have stolen some “old” technology, it has made huge progress in researching new technologies and a serious drop in prices. I think every day about a human civilization at the level of the StarTrek civilization … but with Apple and those like them, humanity will never get there, NEVER!

P.S.2 All those who complain that China stole technology from them, enjoyed the conditions in which their gadgets were built: with subsistence wages, in poverty, without labor rights, with children and close to slavery … This was the price paid for ignorance!

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Apple suffers a loss in lawsuit against maker of iPhone emulators

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