Antitrust Broken Internet

Apple,Amazon,Facebook,Google – Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Monopolies harm the economy and democracy and businesses like Apple, Amazon, Facebook & Google have gotten too powerful and we risk heading towards an uncertain future without privacy and full of abuses!

The recent investigation report is as obvious as can be:


The platform has monopoly power over many small- and medium-sized businesses that do not have a viable alternative to Amazon for reaching online consumers.


In the absence of competition, Facebook’s quality has deteriorated over time, resulting in worse privacy protections for its users and a dramatic rise in misinformation on its platform.


Apple’s monopoly power over software distribution to iOS devices has resulted in harms to competitors and competition, reducing quality and innovation among app developers, and increasing prices and reducing choices for consumers.


Google’s dominance is protected by high entry barriers, including its click-and-query data and the extensive default positions that Google has obtained across most of the world’s devices and browsers.


A detailed list of allegations in the Damning House report on Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google can also be found here:

and a brief summary of Accusations:

Amazon: company uses its market power as both the largest online retailer and the leading e-commerce marketplace to its advantage and to hobble potential competitors.
Amazon: harvests the sales and product data from its marketplace to spot hot-selling items, copy them and offer its own competing products, typically at lower prices.
Apple: has a monopoly on the app marketplace on iPhones and iPads, enabling the company to take an excessive cut of app developers’ sales and “generate supra-normal profits.”
Aplle: has used its control over the App Store to punish rivals, including by ranking them lower in search results, restricting how they communicate with customers, and removing them outright from the store
Facebbook: monopoly power in social networking is “firmly entrenched,” and the company has snuffed out competitors through strategic acquisitions and copying products.
Facebook: user privacy has been eroded while misinformation and toxic content have proliferated across all of the company’s services,
Google: maintained its search monopoly by grabbing information from third parties without permission to improve search results
Google: reinforces its dominance because Google can track what new products or services people are using in real time to closely monitor competitors.

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