Broken Internet

We’ve removed content posted on your Facebook group – fb Stupid Team!

Recently I received a message from Facebook that a certain post, on one of the groups I am an admin on, was deleted … because it violated someone’s property rights … uh, f * g copyright trols!

In fact, what pissed me off is the hypocrisy and insensitivity of a giant like Facebook, which has automated and robotized most of the business behind this charlatanry called Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp so that they are no longer able to really communicate with anyone, they have stupid A.I robots, for almost anything!

From the message received from them, nothing is clear:

  • neither the group is present,
  • nor who published the information
  • nor the content of that information …

and I consider that we as humans are much more realistic and credible with what is good and what not, compared to Facebook robots!

A Message from Facebook


We’ve removed content posted on your Facebook group {group_name} because we received a report that it infringes someone else’s intellectual property rights. Please ensure content posted on your group does not infringes someone else’s intellectual property rights. If additional content is posted to this group that infringes or violates someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law, Facebook may be required to remove the group entirely.

The content was posted by {content_creator_name}. The responsible party who posted the content also has been notified about this report.


The Facebook Team

Basically, the incompetent team from Facebook was not able to check if that script that sends emails automatically is still functional!

{group_name} and {content_creator_name} are only some variables in a some template that had to be modified accordingly, but .. it seems that they are not really interested in communication but only more and more money. And obviously they want as much information about us as possible, if possible Facebook wants to know with what paper we wipe the bottom with!

So, all I wish from Facebook is to lose as much traffic and users as possible until I go bankrupt … that’s what I want, because Facebook no longer has any relevance for users’ opinion, it’s all about MONEY … absolutely NOTHING is irrelevant for us but only for those who use facebook for ads … that’s it!

Facebook has become the largest billboard exhibition in the world!

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