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BitTorrent Clients on Linux Server – qBittorrent vs Transmission

Because I like to use programs that are open source I used Transmission BitTorrent client for almost 2 years and apparently I had no problems with it, everything went smoothly.

I recently upgraded my NAS server for multimedia and instead of Transmission and I installed qBittorrent, I said to try something else, to see how it works, what it knows and what it can do.

qBittorrent Web UI – Admin Page
Transmission Bittorent Web-Ui Client-Admin

Apparently everything was ok, but after a day of use I started to run into some small problems:

  • Fill the disc without notifying you in advance, until it has no place to write,
  • If the partially downloaded files are on the primary partition, the program does not check beforehand and does not leave room for the operating system, so the system will crash!
  • When you start several torrent files simultaneously, the system freezes for a period, minutes or tens of minutes, depending on how much it writes and on which disk it writes. If it writes to the SSD it freezes less.
    Even another web pages from server is not loading !
  • While writing massive data on disk, at the same time the download does not work on any other torrent until it finishes what it has to write on disk!
  • It has no option where to change the parameters for writing to disk, buffer, cache, data blocks, write frequency, etc!

As long as I used Transmission, it doesn’t seem to have had the same problems, or maybe I didn’t notice!

None has a preview / play on video or audio files, so by default Transmission and qBittorrent do not offer any integrated media player, it would be a very handy option, which is on many torrent applications in windows and this for over a decade!


Frostwire would be an interesting bittorrent client to use, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have a web, ie administration via the web interface!


I don’t really understand why when someone develop an application you don’t develop it to the maximum of utility and performance, why do you have to leave things half done?

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