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How to listen Youtube only Audio-Mode, without Video !

Youtube only Audio-Mode – For those who want to listen only audio on youtube, without video: Music Mode for YouTube™ (chrome) :… Audio Only for YouTube™ (chrome) :… Audio Only for YouTube™ by Sevina (firefox) :… Youtube Audio by Animesh Kundu (firefox) :… This extensions it is very useful and beneficial when the available bandwidth is too […]

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WW Copyright Trolls – Images, Movies, Music

Media Copyright Trolls (Youtube, Music & Video): Agora Aggregator Cartoon Network Digital Minds Entertainment EMI Freeplay Music GoDigital Media Group IMG Media UK, INgroove, Kontor New Media LCJ Editions Productions Major Record Labels (Sony, EMI, WMG) Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society, MPRCS Netcom Partners Persona Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Righthaven SBSi Sanoma […]

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YouTube videos without any ADS & YouTube NonStop – No Paused

You’re tired of seeing dozens of ads per hour when you listen music or watch a video on Youtbe, ads that have started to be extremely annoying !? There were commercials a long time ago, but generally displayed over the video, they were not at all annoying, they interrupt what you are watching and there […]