Install OpenVPN, DNSCrypt and Pi-Hole – Ubuntu 20

Step by step: Install OpenVPN + Pi-Hole ad-blocker + DNSCrypt-proxy for DoH and DNSSEC Step 1. Update the system: sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade Step

Linux Terminal

Detach script/command in Linux – Easy Way !

Hot to start and detach bash script (or command) in linux from the command line: setsid nohup & detach script/command with custom log: setsid

Linux command that shows the process hierarchy

Kill Process in Linux by PID, Name or Group

Kill a Process in Linux from command line using kill command: kill process by name: kill $(ps aux | grep ‘process_name’ | awk ‘{print $2}’)

Available Network Interfaces On Linux/Ubuntu - 6 Quick Solutions

Find Available Network Interfaces On Linux/Ubuntu – 6 Quick Solutions

If you need a solution for quickly finding information about the network interfaces attached to the server or computer, then choose one of the solutions


Reload fstab (/etc/fstab) – dynamic loading without restart – Linux

When we make a change in the /etc/fstab file in order to be active (ie taken into account) we need to notify the operating system

How to Change Linux Partition Label Names on EXT4 EXT3 EXT2

How to Change Partition Label Names on Linux: EXT4 / EXT3 / EXT2

The most popular options are to use commands e2label or tune2fs used for changing label of ext4, ext3 or ext2 type partitions: # e2label /dev/sdf1

Linux Partition Files, Disk and Folders

Reload new entry in fstab – fast and easy way – Linux

A fast and easy way to reload new entries in /etc/fstab is to use the linux mount command: @ sudo mount -a or with verbose

Linux, Folder

View the file size of a directory in LINUX – Folders and Subfolders

If we want to see what is the size occupied by folders or subfolders in linux, we can use the du command, that is a

How long a process has been running on linux server

How long a process has been running on linux server ? by PID or Name

If you want to see how long a process has been running on linux, all you have to do is find on its PID and

Get php Version Number - Linux Server - ipFail

Get PHP MAJOR,MINOR and RELEASE Version Number – Linux Server

To find out the current version of php active on the server, there are basically two simple solutions and both use the php command with