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Stop Random Standy/Sleep in Ubuntu-Linux Server

My Ubuntu Server 18.04, is without a monitor / keyboard connected (headless server) and has been running for several years, but today I updated to the latest kernel version because I couldn’t find the solution to a problem that suddenly appeared and without any apparent cause: AMD-Vi IO_PAGE_FAULT error. From what I found online, it […]

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du – Get the Size of a Folder in Ubuntu Linux

The linux du command displays the size of file space used by the specified files or folders. If the specified path is a directory (folder), du summarizes disk usage of each subdirectory in that directory. Otherwise, du reports the disk usage of the current working folder. To get the total size of the /srv folder, […]

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Find Available Network Interfaces On Linux/Ubuntu – 6 Quick Solutions

If you need a solution for quickly finding information about the network interfaces attached to the server or computer, then choose one of the solutions below, any of which is useful for certain technical situations. 1) using lshw , a small tool to extract detailed information on the hardware configuration of the machine: [email protected]:/# sudo […]

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PHP-FPM Service – How to start,stop,reload – Ubuntu Linux Severs

Used with many web servers like Apache, Nginx, and other, PHP-FPM is a FastCGI process manager for PHP. Sometimes we need to restart the server for various reasons: changing settings for example, and depending on what linux we have on the server there are some variations in the commands used. Ubuntu/Debian Linux (Ubuntu Linux 16.04+; 18.04; […]

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Where is the php.ini configuration and enabled PHP modules? – Ubuntu Server

PHP configuration folders is usually in /etc/php/ and the installed version, in my case is in /etc/php/7.4/ The active version can be found with the following command in Ubuntu (ubuntu 20.04 for my case): @ php -version PHP 7.4.13 (cli) (built: Dec 10 2020 08:08:23) ( NTS ) Copyright (c) The PHP Group Zend Engine v3.4.0, Copyright (c) […]

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Using get_browser PHP Function – Solve Errors & Install browscap.ini

Do you want to use the function: get_browser in php and the result of the function is empty? Using the get_browser function generates error messages ?: Got error ‘PHP message: PHP Warning: get_browser(): browscap ini directive not set in …/… on line …’ Trying to activate the option in php.ini generates fatal or warnings errors […]

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Add ClassicPress WebApp to HestiaCP Control Panel – Ubuntu 20 Server

Recently I set up a VPS, and for the Control Panel I initially chose VestaCP, but after researching the forums a bit I came to the conclusion that it is preferable to use HestiaCP, a fork of VestaCP. I do not go into detail for all the reasons, but from online reviews it seems that […]