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SOLOVED: signatures were invalid EXPKEYSIG 97BD1A0133449C3D Gerardo Orellana

If after the linux apt update command you receive an error similar to what is seen below: root@epyc:~# apt update Get:1 focal-security InRelease [114 kB] Ign:2 stable InRelease Hit:3 focal InRelease Get:4 stable Release [2154 B] Hit:5 focal InRelease Get:6 stable Release.gpg [819 B] Get:7 focal-updates InRelease [114 […]

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How to Update Linux Kernel to 5.5.0

To upgrade to linux 5.5.0 kernel, you can perform the following steps: 1st) Download the following files to an empty folder (for 64bit & generic kernel): wget wget wget wget 2nd) execute the command: sudo dpkg -i *.deb 3rd) In the end, after the installation has taken place, all you have […]

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Network adapters cannot start (Code 10) – MSI X470 GAMING PLUS

If after a Windows 10 update you have problems with the network card and the drivers do not work then you should try to do a BIOS update! Personally, I even tried another network card on this motherboard MSI X470 GAMING PLUS AM4-AMD (Ryzen), it was useless, I did not manage to install them in any way. […]