Brainwash Ads Google and Facebook

Pay close attention (or close your eyes) to what ads you have on Facebook, because there are very high chances that you will be brainwashed without realizing it!

Facebook brainwash people with targeted-ads

“You don’t have to click, because if you’re exposed to the same content over and over it’s like brainwashing.”…

The chance of being brainwashed by someone close is small, but the chance of being targeted to be influenced in making decisions like purchasing, subscription or gambling is extremely high, the manipulation through visual advertisements is real and presents a real danger!

For your safety, my very basic suggestions are presented here:

Important suggestions for a safe online browsing 

And one of the biggest dangers of online brainwashing through targeted advertising is gambling. From my point of view, such advertisements should be prohibited by law, in fact gambling machine like poker I would ban it, because it has nothing to do with luck, slot are made to win.

The house always wins, but if you believe otherwise, then you are either stupid or already brainwashed.

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