Duckduckgo vs Google Crawling Speed

I don’t know what to say, but out of curiosity I also checked on Duckduckgo how it is with indexing some very new sites / subdomains / domains … and it seems that Google behaves very selectively and what can I say: has a bad or malicious algorithm !

Duckduckgo-vs-Google Speed Crawling Search Engine

Even Bing indexed more links than google shit:

Crawling Speed Search - Bing

Even Yandex, which is not of particular importance to me, still indexed a new subdomain very well:

Crawling Speed Search — Yandex

On yahoo I have not checked, the results are practically provided by Bing.


google is far behind and behaves very dubious when it comes to indexing or re-indexing some new pages, sites or domains!

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