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■ Google Search Hijacked Speedtest Keywords

Google’s “hijacked” speedtest keywords and place its products above competitors’ and present “answers” (or “direct answers”) on the search page: I assumed it was a google product (or a product that has a close connection with the google company) because the following information clearly appears on the link Measurement Lab is led by teams based at […]

Broken Internet

Duckduckgo vs Google Crawling Speed Search Engine – Google is far Behind!

I don’t know what to say, but out of curiosity I also checked on Duckduckgo how it is with indexing some very new sites / subdomains / domains … and it seems that Google behaves very selectively and what can I say: has a bad or malicious algorithm ! Even Bing indexed more links than […]


PHP Foreach Loop Benchmark – Optimize your code & Keep the server happy!

Keep the internet as energy efficient as possible and the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to optimize your code. The future of humanity and the planet is in your hands! The execution speed is very clear from the image below, each variant is sorted according to the speed of execution, the first […]