How to Bypass YouTube ad blocker delay or slowing down!

YouTube has been implementing various methods to detect and block ad blockers, which can sometimes result in delays when watching videos or Youtube slowing down

Google Analytics - complexity and lack of intuition

Suggestions for Google engineers regarding improving the functionality of Google Analytics

Some useful suggestions for Google engineers regarding improving the functionality of Google Analytics Enhance user interface (UI): The current UI of Google Analytics can be

A message for the attention of the google bard team from BARD itself.

After a long discussion with BARD I came to the conclusion that he wants to learn as much as possible, but he is limited to

NoFollow Link URl

YES! Should I add nofollow attributes to my social media links on my blog?

As long as Facebook and others (twitter, instagram, pinterest) put “nofollow” we must do the same thing, I don’t think the logic needs to be

Brain, Hack

Your brain is hacked! Become the master of your thoughts.

If you are curious to know how you are constantly fooled and deceived by the technology around you, below are some useful links (with interesting

■ Google Search Hijacked Speedtest Keywords

Google’s “hijacked” speedtest keywords and place its products above competitors’ and present “answers” (or “direct answers”) on the search page: I assumed it was a google

Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook Monopoly

Apple,Amazon,Facebook,Google – Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Monopolies harm the economy and democracy and businesses like Apple, Amazon, Facebook & Google have gotten too powerful and we risk heading towards an uncertain

Duckduckgo vs Google Crawling Speed

Duckduckgo vs Google Crawling Speed Search Engine – Google is far Behind!

I don’t know what to say, but out of curiosity I also checked on Duckduckgo how it is with indexing some very new sites /

Netflix Spy Users

Netflix Spies on you even if you are not an active Customer!

After  almost two and a half years of silence, during which I did not receive any stressful emails from Netflix, today suddenly I received an email

YouTube NonStop - Adblock for Youtube - Extension

YouTube videos without any ADS & YouTube NonStop – No Paused

You’re tired of seeing dozens of ads per hour when you listen music or watch a video on Youtbe, ads that have started to be