Apple, Google, Microsoft sabotaging Firefox

Mozilla, the company that develops the Firefox browser, on Tuesday accused Apple, Google, and Microsoft of sabotaging its browser through anti-competitive practices.

In a blog post, Mozilla listed a number of practices it believes to be unfair, including:

  • Making it more difficult for users to download and use Firefox. For example, Apple requires iPhone and iPad users to use the App Store to download third-party browsers, such as Firefox.
  • Ignoring or resetting users’ default browser preferences. For example, Google often resets Android users’ default browser preference to Chrome.
  • Restricting the capabilities of third-party browsers. For example, Microsoft prevents third-party browsers from using some of the advanced features of the Windows operating system.

Mozilla said that these practices have led to a decrease in Firefox’s market share. In 2022, Firefox had a global market share of just 4.3%, down from 10.9% in 2012.

Mozilla has called on Apple, Google, and Microsoft to commit to fixing these issues. The company said it is willing to work with these companies to find solutions that will protect competition and give users more choice.

These accusations come at a time when there is increased scrutiny of anti-competitive practices by technology companies.

In recent years, regulators around the world have begun to investigate companies like Google and Facebook for market abuse. It remains to be seen whether Mozilla’s accusations will lead to concrete action from regulators. However, they are a sign that Mozilla is determined to fight to protect Firefox and to ensure fair competition in the browser market.

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