Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook Monopoly

Apple,Amazon,Facebook,Google – Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Monopolies harm the economy and democracy and businesses like Apple, Amazon, Facebook & Google have gotten too powerful and we risk heading towards an uncertain

Mafia Cartel, Online Mobsters

Amazon, Apple and Twitter – Cartel-Like Behavior !? When Harry Became Sally

Big online giants are more and more aggressive with users, abuses are more and more frequent and all this came with money, which for mega-corporations

Apple, MaC, Computers

Ugly “Worm” in Apple MacBook M1 – Excessive SSD usage !

I am not and I have never been a big fan of Apple products and the reason is old and I have it since I

Apple, Iphone - Smartphone

Apple and Samsung fined for deliberately reducing the performance of mobile phones

Back in 2018, the Italian investigation found that software updates “significantly reduced performance”, accelerating new acquisitions: Apple & Samsung are being fined €10m and €5m

Rot, Bad Apple Tech Iphone

Apple, the American Copyright Troll loss in lawsuit against Corellium

When someone endangers the power and arrogance of the “Troll King” , Apple do nothing but attack! Apple sued security firm Corellium last year, accusing