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As long as Facebook and others (twitter, instagram, pinterest) put “nofollow” we must do the same thing, I don’t think the logic needs to be debated here. Incidentally, Facebook redirects through an internal link, so it is not direct… I can say that the value of your link on Facebook is very small because the page from which you are redirected is “l.php”, which has a unique URI for each link.facebook-nofollow-blog

To understand, the link of a website in Facebook has “nofollow” attributes to an internal link from where redirection is made, there is no direct link to your site/blog in the account. facebook-nofollow blog redirect

The final redirection is via javascript and/or header, so there is no link in “plain html” code!

facebook-nofollow-blog redirect-javascript

You have to understand that the power of social networks is in our webmaster links, not just in their fame, without billions of links from us, Domain Authority would have no logic!

Theoretically, SERP results should not put social networks before the main source, but they still do, why?

Because we give them this power, which is a negative factor, the original site ends up in obscurity while the social ones are more and more present, that is, the primary purpose has been lost and we become slaves to facebook, twitter, instagram, and so on!

This is my opinion and it is a conclusion of logic and common sense.

If search engines have decided that social networks should be preferred, then it means that the Internet has broken and needs to be fixed!

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