How to get rid of the X Premium button if it becomes annoying to see it every day in your Browser?

Simple as this:

  1. Install uBlock Origin Extension in your browser
  2. Add next rules in uBlock Origin -> Options[href=”/i/verified-choose”][href*=”verified”]
  3. Reload X (aka Twitter)

I personally do not need a paid account on twitter. The aberration with bots problem and verified accounts has no support, there is no way you can’t limit accounts with bots. If the programmers of Musca (in Romanian, or Fly in English) are not able to find a solution, fire them, but don’t lie to us that there are no solutions to combat bots, we are not retarded!

The fact that I saw that button every day became very annoying, especially since it is positioned in the visual range explicitly and in a position that is difficult to avoid with the sight. Psychologically, this annoys you, it gives you a state of anxiety that you cannot get rid of. Knowing that others “brag” about the facilities of the “useless” premium accounts and you are obliged to see this every day, gives you a state of nervousness that distracts you, I don’t want to be distracted anymore, period.

If twitterX asks money from everyone, I’ll say goodbye!

the Fly, Musca

Mr. Musk, do not have any illusions that you will be left with more than 10% of the accounts, you offer absolutely anything useful to a user who only reads information and posts pictures of the cat sleeping, nothing, unless the subscription also includes an account on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, etc.

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