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Elon Musk wants to impose a tax on everyone, for accounts on X (former twitter), claiming to limit bots, D’oh. Well , this can only be believed by my father (who has been dead for 30 years)!

My idea is that there is nothing worth paying for on twitter, at least not for a home user (like reading some 2short post and posting pictures taken out of boredom).

Below is an example of “quality” made by Musk, the trends in Romania are not just trends, maybe an unsuccessful attempt at clickbait. None of those trends have anything to do with Romania, NONE.


To a small extent, if you click on one of them (Chelsea, Liverpool, Ukrainians), you have a chance that out of 10 posts, one will be in Romanian, the rest are generally in English, not in Romanian!

In conclusion, why should I pay for access to Twitter when even the search trends are fake? 🙂

P.S. If it includes a free subscription to a streaming service, maybe I’ll stay on twitter!

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