Facebook Bad Experience Psychology

Facebook does not offer anything real and beneficial for its users, only increasingly negative experiences and obviously a real obstacle in psychological, cultural, social, mental and spiritual evolution… facebook only wants money, instead it offers almost nothing to those who keep this psychosocial manipulation machine in operation.

Billions of users are “the sheep” who keep running Facebook’s “bottomless pit of money hungry”.

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The billions of clicks, likes and comments that come daily bring absolutely nothing to users.

And nothing for those who contribute constructively: the administrators and editors of groups and pages. Without them, Facebook would be a garbage dump, thrown by people with no online life experience, just consumers of memes, bad texts, pictures and videos full of nonsense!

How long will this psychosocial manipulation machine exist?

When will people get tired of the lack of positive experience offered by current social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc) ?

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