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W3 Total Cache HTTP ERROR 500, Call to undefined function W3TC\wp_unslash()

At the last update for W3 Total Cahe to Version 2.2.3 we reached the situation that the site no longer works, it returns a classic HTTP ERROR 500 error. The only solution to restore operation was to manually delete the entire cache plugin folder /wp-content/plugins/w3-total-cache and the object-cache.php + db.php files from /wp-content/ folder. The error […]

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Automatically Kill php-fpm or apache2 process with the High CPU in Linux

Once again I needed a solution to kill php-fpm or apache2 process with the high CPU usage and considering that I am not at the first similar problem I said that it is good to write it again somewhere, not to forget it. And this time the problem appeared with sites in Wordpress, it is a […]

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Add ClassicPress WebApp to HestiaCP Control Panel – Ubuntu 20 Server

Recently I set up a VPS, and for the Control Panel I initially chose VestaCP, but after researching the forums a bit I came to the conclusion that it is preferable to use HestiaCP, a fork of VestaCP. I do not go into detail for all the reasons, but from online reviews it seems that […]