Server Disk Drive Tools Linux Format

Automatic REBOOT if needed after apt-get upgrade – Linux

Sometimes after the execution of the apt-get upgrade command is finished, a restart is required, but this is not displayed after the command is completed,

Linux Terminal

Detach script/command in Linux – Easy Way !

Hot to start and detach bash script (or command) in linux from the command line: setsid nohup & detach script/command with custom log: setsid

Linux command that shows the process hierarchy

Kill Process in Linux by PID, Name or Group

Kill a Process in Linux from command line using kill command: kill process by name: kill $(ps aux | grep ‘process_name’ | awk ‘{print $2}’)

Get php Version Number - Linux Server - ipFail

Get PHP MAJOR,MINOR and RELEASE Version Number – Linux Server

To find out the current version of php active on the server, there are basically two simple solutions and both use the php command with

Linux Delete-Remove, Files

How to Remove Files Recursively using Wildcard? – Linux Command Line

A short time ago I had to delete a lot of files created by a script, which I didn’t need anymore, but those files were