Zero, One

So what is the fastest way to generate random multiples of 0’s and 1’s but with cryptographic use?

The answer is not that simple, at least until you really understand what cryptographic value means. And even if you understood, the problem of execution speed remains to be solved, which is one of the biggest problems of humanity:

the lack of software optimization has led to huge energy consumption at the planetary level!

Below is the result of a test and the related code in php (after 10000000 iterations):

generate cryptographic random 0 and 1 bit

P.S. the context of use is to generate a string of 0 and 1 with a length greater than 1Mbyte. And for the record, the fastest solution for generating a single random number 0 or 1, is using random_int(0,1)!


Do you need optimisation in php code for speed and can’t find the right people to think outside the box?

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