List with New and Common Cybersecurity Threats

A summary list of the most current and dangerous threats to our safety and internet security: The DDOS attack on new entrants to online business The newest to enter the online market in various businesses, especially the domain hosting, vpn and sales market have started to run into serious problems regarding the resistance against DDOS attacks […]

Broken Internet

Amazon, Apple and Twitter – Cartel-Like Behavior !? When Harry Became Sally

Big online giants are more and more aggressive with users, abuses are more and more frequent and all this came with money, which for mega-corporations money is a weapon in the true sense of the word! Amazon deleted Ryan Anderson’s book, When Harry Became Sally, a conservative exploration of the transgender movement. The hardback, the […]


jQuery On Load and Ready not firing for dynamically loaded content ?

Trying to distribute the resources loaded on a page through a function that loads the JavaScript as dynamic files and not all at once, I ran into a problem: None of the following function calls was useful for dynamic scripts: .on (“load”, handler) .on (“ready”, handler) $ (document) .ready (handler) $ (window) .load (handler) window.onload […]


A new and growing threat – Cryptocurrency Botnet

I recently read about the fact that the techniques used by hackers to hide their identity are becoming more and more innovative and the last one seems almost impossible (very hard) to solve: Botnet is using Bitcoin blockchains to hide CC (command-and-control) IP servers ! And taking into account the method used and how to […]

Antitrust Technology

Ugly “Worm” in Apple MacBook M1 – Excessive SSD usage !

I am not and I have never been a big fan of Apple products and the reason is old and I have it since I got my hands on an interesting but (it turned out to be useless) gadget: Apple iPod Touch ! I bought the used product and everything seemed ok, but after I […]

Antitrust Technology

Apple and Samsung fined for deliberately reducing the performance of mobile phones

Back in 2018, the Italian investigation found that software updates “significantly reduced performance”, accelerating new acquisitions: Apple & Samsung are being fined €10m and €5m respectively in Italy for the “planned obsolescence” of their smartphones! …. In a statement the antitrust watchdog said “Apple & Samsung implemented dishonest commercial practices” and that operating system updates […]


PHP Foreach Loop Benchmark – Optimize your code & Keep the server happy!

Keep the internet as energy efficient as possible and the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to optimize your code. The future of humanity and the planet is in your hands! The execution speed is very clear from the image below, each variant is sorted according to the speed of execution, the first […]

Linux Servers Useful

Reload new entry in fstab – fast and easy way – Linux

A fast and easy way to reload new entries in /etc/fstab is to use the linux mount command: @ sudo mount -a or with verbose mode: @ sudo mount -av / : ignored /boot : already mounted /boot/efi : already mounted //srv/TOSHIBA-3T-V300 : already mounted //srv/WD-2T-USB : already mounted //srv/TOSHIBA-3T-ENTERPRISE: already mounted //srv/SAMSUNG-850-PRO : already […]

Tools Useful

How to listen Youtube only Audio-Mode, without Video !

Youtube only Audio-Mode – For those who want to listen only audio on youtube, without video: Music Mode for YouTube™ (chrome) :… Audio Only for YouTube™ (chrome) :… Audio Only for YouTube™ by Sevina (firefox) :… Youtube Audio by Animesh Kundu (firefox) :… This extensions it is very useful and beneficial when the available bandwidth is too […]

Security Useful

HTTP Security Headers Which Should be Used by all Webmasters

The most important HTTP Security Headers which should be used by all webmasters: Content-Security-Policy is an effective measure to protect your site from XSS attacks. By whitelisting sources of approved content, you can prevent the browser from loading malicious assets. Directives include upgrade-insecure-requests; , default-src, script-src, style-src, img-src, object-src, plugin-types to specify permitted sources for scripts, CSS stylesheets, and images. A basic […]