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Apple and Samsung fined for deliberately reducing the performance of mobile phones

Back in 2018, the Italian investigation found that software updates “significantly reduced performance”, accelerating new acquisitions: Apple & Samsung are being fined €10m and €5m

Facebook Bad Experience Psychology

How long will this psychosocial manipulation machine last? – Facebook !

Facebook does not offer anything real and beneficial for its users, only increasingly negative experiences and obviously a real obstacle in psychological, cultural, social, mental and

Rot, Bad Apple Tech Iphone

Apple, the American Copyright Troll loss in lawsuit against Corellium

When someone endangers the power and arrogance of the “Troll King” , Apple do nothing but attack! Apple sued security firm Corellium last year, accusing

Copyright Troll

WW Copyright Trolls – Images, Movies, Music

Media Copyright Trolls (Youtube, Music & Video): Agora Aggregator Cartoon Network Digital Minds Entertainment EMI Freeplay Music GoDigital Media Group IMG Media UK, INgroove,

Facebook the largest billboard exhibition in the world

We’ve removed content posted on your Facebook group – fb Stupid Team!

Recently I received a message from Facebook that a certain post, on one of the groups I am an admin on, was deleted … because

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Using get_browser PHP Function – Solve Errors & Install browscap.ini

Do you want to use the function: get_browser in php and the result of the function is empty? Using the get_browser function generates error messages

YouTube NonStop - Adblock for Youtube - Extension

YouTube videos without any ADS & YouTube NonStop – No Paused

You’re tired of seeing dozens of ads per hour when you listen music or watch a video on Youtbe, ads that have started to be

Amazon Big Data Trol

Big Data Case – Europe lays out antitrust case against Amazon

The European Commission has informed the Amazon giant of its preliminary opinion that it has infringed EU antitrust rules by distorting competition in online retail

Competition Google Antitrust

European Union vs. Google – 10 years of investigations and still continuing !

Since 2010, the European Union has launched three separate antitrust investigations against Google for infringing EU competition law due to its dominant position in the


Facebook censoring posts in Thailand that the government has deemed inappropriate

This is happening back in 2017, whene Facebook blocking content from a number of users following an apparent request from the government in Thailand. Read