Cybersecurity risk to buying wordpress theme with outdated bugged plugins!

I recently discovered that there is a major cybersecurity risk especially for those who buy wordpress templates that come with plugins that require additional payments for

Brain, Hack

Your brain is hacked! Become the master of your thoughts.

If you are curious to know how you are constantly fooled and deceived by the technology around you, below are some useful links (with interesting

■ Google Search Hijacked Speedtest Keywords

Google’s “hijacked” speedtest keywords and place its products above competitors’ and present “answers” (or “direct answers”) on the search page: I assumed it was a google

Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook Monopoly

Apple,Amazon,Facebook,Google – Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Monopolies harm the economy and democracy and businesses like Apple, Amazon, Facebook & Google have gotten too powerful and we risk heading towards an uncertain

Duckduckgo vs Google Crawling Speed

Duckduckgo vs Google Crawling Speed Search Engine – Google is far Behind!

I don’t know what to say, but out of curiosity I also checked on Duckduckgo how it is with indexing some very new sites /

Brainwash Ads Google and Facebook

Be careful, you’re brainwashed on Facebook without realizing it!

Pay close attention (or close your eyes) to what ads you have on Facebook, because there are very high chances that you will be brainwashed

Online Safe Browsing

Important suggestions for a safe online browsing

The chance of being brainwashed by targeted ads is high, and the chance of being targeted to be influenced in making decisions like purchasing, subscription

Internet, Surveillance, facebook, google, amazon

The Great Overlord of Espionage on Earth – Facebook

A little easier to understand data about what kind of information facebook collects about us: (including when you sleep, have sex or are in the

Netflix Spy Users

Netflix Spies on you even if you are not an active Customer!

After  almost two and a half years of silence, during which I did not receive any stressful emails from Netflix, today suddenly I received an email

Mafia Cartel, Online Mobsters

Amazon, Apple and Twitter – Cartel-Like Behavior !? When Harry Became Sally

Big online giants are more and more aggressive with users, abuses are more and more frequent and all this came with money, which for mega-corporations